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"Cabaret at the End of the World"

Cirque Idyllic's original aerial musical show toured Europe 2003-2007 including Glastonbury Festival, Fira de Tarrega, Berlin Schlos Platz, Infant Festival Serbia and many other locations....



A darkly comic journey into the breaking heart of a jaded cabaret club. Outside the Cabaret the world is in chaos, inside the sleazy, despotic Madame holds sway over her corrupted artistes.

The story makes a pertinent comment about the paradoxical nature of our pleasure seeking society, dazzling and distracting in an increasingly damaged world. Daring circus trickery, eccentric characters and dark comedy entertain the audience with escapist delights while an unsettling narrative emerges centering on the oppressive hierarchy between characters and their fear of a chaotic world outside the confines of the cabaret.

"I was spell bound. I've never seen anything like it, I didn't want it to end and the spell to break.." Audience member. Radford Mill Performance Festival.

"Your show gave an essential magic to our festival." Eule, Fusion Festival Director.