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Tour Dates 2010

7th -12th June             Victoria Field, Nacton, Suffolk.

14th -23rd June           Abbey Gardens, Bury St Edmunds.

28th -3rd July              Mid-Herts Centre for Music and Arts.

the yurt and performer
chidren running

Cirque Idyllic artists have created many youth and community theatre projects. We are continually inspired by this work and Monster Magic is no exception.

Monster Magic is a theatrical experience for 3-11 year olds that opens the door to critical thinking: between the ethical dilemmas embedded in the fairy-tale and the high energy games session the children are challenged and entertained on many levels.  


The session runs as follows:

•  GREETED by the Tent Mistress and shown the Backstage: a tour behind the scenes of the travelling show.

•  One group goes into the Mongolian Yurt for MONSTER MAGIC: an inter-active fairy tale experience.

•  The other group plays GAMES: confidence and team building, loosening up and letting off steam.

•  BREAKTIME, milk and time to chat. Questions and discussion about the characters and the issues we have encountered in the story. Themes: trust and forgiveness.

children and wolf character
queen character and children

Praise for Monster Magic 2009

"The best thing I've seen in my whole entire life."   James, 7

"I liked it when the wolf came in it really scared me." Rachel, 7.

"The camp fire is a good place to talk." Elliot, 7.

'I loved the peddler ringing his bell." Loren, 6.

"I liked the glitter in our hands, I liked the sparkle of it."   Amy, 7.

"The children abselutely loved it." Duncan Bathgate, Head of Bealings Primary School.

"Lots more people must experience this." Lesley, the Willows.

"Fantastic, I really enjoyed joining in with that, which is not something I readily do." Andrea, the Willows .

"The moral that you were getting across was good. There really should be more of it, the children need to think like this." Mary, Bealings Primary School.

"The children had a wonderful time and are still talking about it."   Sam Sims, Head of The Meadows Montessori.

"It is really lovely to have something happening like this on the green.   We used to have more things like this, it brings people out."Anne,  Nacton Resident.


Extra detail about the project


Children are capable of understanding complex situations.

Children have opinions about situations beyond their experience.

In the safe environment of fiction children can experience situations that increase their understanding.

Facillitating discussion between children can help them learn techniques for examining their arguements, feelings or ideas.

Aim: the Think Tank.

To create a fictional world in which the children can experience ethical dilemmas , then to create an environment that is focused and relaxed where thoughts can be followed through and collaborative conclusions or final questions reached.

How it works.

Fictional worlds are instinctive and natural tools for children, Monster Magic uses these conventions, in the form of a fairy tale to allow close proximity to complex questions.

Breaktime is apparently the off-duty moment, but it is the crux of the session. Relaxed and exhilarated the children are able to express their thoughts about the ethical quandaries set up for them in the story. In having been very close to the characters, heard them, touched them and reasoned with them they experience the immediacy of the problems raised.

The antagonist, Marbel Lou, who has wronged the children in the story, is chased from the village and caught by them. Now what? They know what she has done, but why has she done it, does that make a difference?   What should the village children suggest as a next step, forgive her, punish her or hear her side?

The Wolf in the story turns out to be trust worthy, but he looked like a villain, so when did they trust him and why? Marbel Lou was devious, but they believed her promises, why?

The discussion amongst the older children opens into more fundamental questions about trust, forgiveness, punishment, crime, judgements, prejudice and personal responsibility.

Critical thinking skills are exercised and the children experience the excitement of debating issues that feel directly relevant and important.

The children's enthusiasm and high quality discussion in 2009 encourages further work using this simple but inspiring model.

a session in the yurt
angela and peachie at camp